Eco-Friendly Campervans 

Eco-Friendly Campervans –

Tips for making your Free Spirit Campervan greener


Here at Free Spirit Campervans, we are passionate about helping our customers enjoy greener, more sustainable campervan life adventures.

While Free Spirit Campervans allow you to embrace freedom on the open road, it’s also important to consider your environmental impact.

The good news is there are many ways in which we can fit your campervan to make it more eco-friendly.

Here are our tips below for van life with less waste and emissions.

Go Solar

One of the best investments for an eco-friendly campervan is installing solar panels on the roof.

Solar allows you to harness power from the sun.

With a solar panel charging system, you can power lights, appliances and devices from the sun’s rays.

Opt for high-efficiency panels to maximise solar capabilities. Include components like a charge controller leisure battery for on-board power storage.

Save Water

Water conservation is crucial to reduce your campervan’s environmental footprint.

Simple water-saving strategies include taking short showers at any site you may be staying at, washing dishes efficiently, and using a composting toilet on site.

And be sure to use non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and detergents.

Go Paperless

Rather than filling your campervan with paper maps, guides, and books, opt for digital versions on your phone or tablet.

Download an e-reader for nearly endless book capacity with zero waste. You can also easily access campsites, points of interest, and navigational maps on your device.

If you bring paper materials, reuse and recycle them before leaving each location.

Eco-Friendly Campervans

Choose Eco-Friendly Campervans Cleaners

When stocking your Free Spirit Campervan, pick plant-based, non-toxic cleaners and detergents. Avoid harsh chemicals which can contaminate the local environment.

Brands like Method, Ecover, and Seventh Generation offer soaps, surface cleaners, dish liquids and laundry detergents made from natural ingredients like oils, salts and plant extracts.

And remember, sometimes simple baking soda, vinegar and lemon do the trick.

Compost On-The-Go

Rather than sending food waste and compost to landfills, pack a compact, portable composting container to repurpose scraps naturally. Simple composters are specially designed for campervans.

When full, empty your compost at designated composting locations.

Choose Eco-Friendly Campervans Reusable Goods

Single-use plastics and disposables generate unnecessary waste. Instead, pack your Free Spirit Campervan with reusable versions of daily essentials.

Use reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic ones.

Choose reusable food containers and reusable shopping bags. Pack cloth napkins and towels that can be washed rather than using paper.

Take along a portable coffee mug and reusable utensils for dining on the go.

Cook Efficiently

Use cooking methods that conserve fuel, such as the fun of cooking over a campfire.

Plan quick, easy meals that don’t require long cooking times.

Organise the contents of your fridge efficiently so things are easy to locate.

Watch Your Speed

Driving at lower speeds increases fuel efficiency, so cruise at around 56 mph for optimal mileage.

Also, avoid idling whenever possible – turn off the engine if stopped for extended periods rather than idling. Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated and windows are closed at high speeds.

Regular maintenance also supports better fuel mileage.

Eco-Friendly Campervans

Have you considered Eco-Friendly Campervans Green Campsites?

Seek out campsites focused on sustainable operations such as solar power, eco-friendly buildings, and conservation initiatives.

On-site, conserve electricity and water carefully. Dispose of waste properly and be mindful of wildlife.

Choosing green accommodations supports the shift toward more eco-friendly tourism.

We selected a few from a casual Google search:

Here is a list of environmentally friendly “green” campsites in the UK with descriptions and live links:

Lower Shaw Farm, Wiltshire

This campsite uses renewable energy like solar and biomass boilers and practices sustainability across operations. Their eco-friendly initiatives earned them a gold certification from Green Tourism.


Pennard Hill Farm, Somerset 

Powered entirely by renewable energy, this peaceful campsite offers eco-friendly glamping options. They focus on sustainability and minimising environmental impact.


Eco Camp UK, Cornwall

Located on a wildlife reserve, this campsite runs entirely on solar and wind power. They offer environmental education and conservation activities.


Lower Coombe, Devon

This secluded natural campsite relies on renewable energy and environmentally friendly operations to lower its carbon footprint.


Moss Side Farm

Lancashire Ethical glamping focused on minimising environmental footprint.


With intention and care, small changes make a significant collective impact.

At Free Spirit Campervans, we’re here to help equip your dream eco-friendly campervan so you can focus on embracing the freedom of the open road – sustainably.

For more information about Free Spirit Campervans, call our friendly team today on 01243 649087

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