The Benefits of Owning a Japanese Imported Campervan against a VW Campervan

Are you considering purchasing an imported campervan?

Our latest blog looks at some of the benefits of choosing a high-specification Japanese imported people carrier converted into a campervan by our professional fitting team versus the far larger investment required if buying an ex-delivery/trades van in makes such as Volkswagen, Ford, or Peugeot etc.

Free Spirit Campervans have selected three quality brand models from which you can choose your campervan conversion. We maintain a high level of stock to offer our customers the best range of affordability, reliability, comfort, and complete peace of mind associated with top-named brands. 

To find out more about the individual specifications for each model, including the Mazda campervan range, Nissan campervan range, and Mercedes campervan range, please visit their respective pages on our site.

Every campervan we sell has been specially selected from southern Japan for its suitability, condition, light use and low mileage for conversion.

All our vehicles come from the southern Japan region, and all have been previously company owned as luxury transport for executives; we carefully select vehicles that have had no previous incidents or accidents; they come with top specification, seen as a standard, unlike European vehicles, this includes automatic gearboxes, air conditioning, front and rear, electric windows, central locking, electric mirrors.

Most of our Nissan range also features reverse cameras as a standard.

Conversion is by our specialist team, who have over ten years of experience converting and maintaining top-quality campervans.

Our imported campervan builds also come with a full MOT, service, and comprehensive warranty, so you can drive away knowing that your new campervan will take you where you desire for many years to come. 

Buying from a well-established, recommended, reputable dealer will also put your mind at ease about the vehicle.

Free Spirit Campervans are unique in maintaining a dedicated spares and after-sales service department too, so you can trust the product you are purchasing and will be supported for many years to come!

Here at Free Spirit Campervans, we deal with all the paperwork. Once registered in the UK, your Campervan will have a standard MOT, tax, and insurance. 

Also, your campervan is based on a full specification, only lightly used, luxury vehicle. Unlike many other options, they are also not limited to 60 MPH; you can safely drive them at 70 MPH, surrounded in comfort!

Owning an Imported Campervan

In conclusion, the prospect of owning a fabulous campervan is the main thing to focus on. With professional conversion experts, Free Spirit Campervans, you can own a top-class, high-specification people carrier-based imported campervan at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you start planning the campervan of your dreams at a price you can afford!

Campervan Models | Our Mercedes viano model.

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