Reasons to Choose the Nissan Elgrand as a Campervan Conversion

The Nissan Elgrand is arguably the best people carrier on the market for those who want to convert a vehicle into a comfortable camper van from Free Spirit Campervans.

The Elgrand is a compact and versatile base van for a campervan conversion with many features that make it an ideal vehicle for campervan adventures.

This blog will examine the key features and benefits of the Nissan Elgrand as a perfect camper van conversion from Free Spirit Campervans.


The Nissan Elgrand converted by Free Spirit Campervans is compact and comfortable, which makes it ideal as a versatile camper conversion, with plenty of space that can be utilised to create a comfortable living area. 

It has a long wheelbase and a high roof, which gives a good amount of headroom and space for a bed, kitchenette, and storage. 

With the option of also including a pop-top roof specially constructed from hard-wearing and weather-resistant materials, our pop-top roofs allow you to accommodate up to two extra sleepers.

The pop-top roofs are fabricated and installed by our expert team on-site to ensure they fit your van exactly, keeping the warmth and rain out.


The Elgrand is also versatile and can be customised to meet the needs of different types of campers enthusiasts. 

It is easily converted into a comfortable camper by Free Spirit Campervans for solo travellers, couples or customised to accommodate a family. 

It can also be modified to suit different types of camping, such as rural camping or camping in urban areas.


The van is a good size, with many features that make it ideal for long road trips. It has a smooth ride and comfortable seats, making driving easy for long periods. 

The Elgrand also offers a range of features that can make camping more comfortable, such as air conditioning, heating, and a sound system.

As well as the basics in comfort, we also manufacture in-house bespoke beds, which means that you will have a bed that will be larger than usual with plenty of storage and seating space.


Reliability is always important; you want to know that you can jump in your camper at any time to head off for an exciting road trip in a van built to last. 

Known for its durability, it is a popular choice for people who want a vehicle that will last for years. 

The Elgrand is also easy to maintain, with parts and accessories readily available from Free Spirit Campervans.


The team at Free Spirit Campervans has a wealth of experience in converting campervans to each of our client’s requirements; it can be fitted with various accessories and features, such as a kitchenette, fridge, bed, solar panels, and a handy roof rack. 

Each customisation is bespoke to each client; the options are varied and unique to each individual.

Whether you are on a modern campsite with a hook-up or travelling through the mountains and valleys of Wales, our campervan conversions are designed to enable you to feel at home.

Nissan Elgrand Campervan: Final Thoughts

It’s easy to comprehend why the Nissan Elgrand is so beloved within the campervan world. It offers a brilliant driving experience, and its performance and handling far surpass those of its competitors. 

Everything about it is a breeze, from start to finish.

A professionally converted van from Free Spirit Campervans is a great deal, as it will be a part of holidays and adventures for years to come. The Elgrand offers affordable and easy maintenance, and its spaciousness and high spec make it an excellent option for your next campervan.

To better understand this, talking to other Elgrand owners or checking out the Elgrand Owners’ Club forum would be beneficial. 

After you’ve decided on the right van, you can finally go camping!

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