Case Study: Free Spirit Campervans – Empowering Adventure and Freedom with a Mercedes Viano

Freedom with a Mercedes Viano

Campervan Model: Mercedes Viano (Short Wheelbase)

Free Spirit Campervans is renowned for making adventure dreams come true. 

We offer a range of campervans designed to provide ultimate freedom and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. 

This case study showcases the journey of Philippa, who embarked on a quest to find the perfect campervan and found their ideal match and freedom with a Mercedes Viano.

Prompting the Campervan Dream: Freedom with a Mercedes Viano

Question: What prompted you to consider purchasing a campervan from Free Spirit Campervans?

Answer: We spend a lot of time camping in the area and came across Free Spirit Campervans while driving around. We had been considering buying a campervan but weren’t sure where to start, what make/model to choose, so I remember we visited on a whim one afternoon.

The Perfect Fit: Mercedes Viano

Question: Can you describe the model of campervan you purchased and its key features?

Answer: It’s a Mercedes Viano, short wheelbase, which has been converted to include a roll-out bed, pop-up roof with bed, fridge, sink, hob, table, and swivel passenger chair.

Freedom with a Mercedes Viano

A Seamless Purchase Experience

Question: How would you rate your overall experience with Free Spirit Campervans, from initial inquiry to purchase?

Answer: On our initial visit in early 2022, we met Adrian, who was very helpful in showing us around and getting us acquainted with the Mercedes models they had in stock at the time and what was available for conversion with a lead time of 10 weeks. After more phone calls, we made another visit to see a couple of available – already converted – vans. We opted for a van that had already been converted so was available straight away. It was May 2022, and we were keen to have a van for the summer months.

Guidance and Support

Question: Were you satisfied with the information and guidance provided by our team during the buying process?

Answer: There was a lot to consider before we bought, but we were reassured by Adrian and Ian who answered all our questions, and there were many, it was a lot of money and a big step, so we were cautious! Ian and Adrian were helpful in having the van all ready for us in a few weeks: MOT, service, advised us on insurance, tax, etc.

Unlocking Adventure: Freedom with a Mercedes Viano

Question: How has your campervan enhanced your outdoor or travel experiences?

Answer: It has been an amazing experience, and we have used it so much since May 2022; we wish we had done this sooner! It runs well, is very comfortable and cosy, easy to drive.

Unforgettable Adventures

Question: Can you share a specific memory or adventure you’ve had with your campervan that stands out?

Answer: We’ve driven up to the top of Scotland and completed the NC 500 twice; we’ve visited Devon, Dorset, Sussex, Yorkshire, Wales. We are just back from a 5-week round trip to the Orkney Islands.

Unexpected Pleasures

Question: Were there any unexpected benefits or features of the campervan that pleasantly surprised you?

Answer: It’s very easy to drive and park, even in London! It is surprisingly roomy for two with the swivel chair and table during the day and very comfortable to sleep in, even in a howling gale and rain! We live in London and use it as our main car.

Recommendation for Adventure Seekers

Question: Would you recommend Free Spirit Campervans to friends or family considering a campervan purchase?

Answer: Yes

A Life-Changing Experience

Question: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience buying and owning a campervan from Free Spirit Campervans?

Answer: It has been a life-changer! Great to use all year round (with a heater).

Conclusion: Freedom with a Mercedes Viano

The case of Philippa exemplifies the transformative power of a campervan adventure, plus the freedom with a Mercedes Viano, made possible by Free Spirit Campervans. 

Their journey from curious wanderers to seasoned adventurers is a testament to the freedom, comfort, and life-changing experiences that Free Spirit Campervans bring to outdoor enthusiasts.

Are you ready to start planning your unforgettable journeys? Contact our friendly team on 01243 649087 and we will be happy to help make your campervan dreams come to life!

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